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MDT Releases ESS Chassis system for Winchester XPR SA

 A few years ago, Winchester Repeating Arms released a new bolt action rifle, nearly 50 years after its ancestor the Model 70 was released. The XPR is a very well designed, inexpensive and reliable bolt action rifle which combines the proven concepts of the Model 70 with today’s more efficient manufacturing processes. This makes the XPR, which Winchester proudly advertises as an “x-treme performance rifle”, an accurate and functional bolt action rifle, very easy and smooth to handle.

Place the words “accuracy” and “bolt-action” in a same sentence and you can be sure to catch our attention at MDT. We have a lot to offer when it comes to improving shooters accuracy and that is exactly why we are excited to announce that our ESS chassis system is our very first to be released for the XPR platform.  

XPR users, whether avid hunters or long-range shooters, can now experience the features of the ESS chassis system which has been widely praised by its users since its first release. The ultimate ergonomics of this system, lockable buttstock positions (LOP, cheek rest height and side-to-side adjustability), optimum placement of the pistol grip in relation to the trigger and modular configurability will enhance your shooting experience and accuracy drastically.

This particular ESS model will be compatible with the following short action calibers: .243, .308, 7mm-08 & 6.5 Creedmoor. You will also be able to increase your rifle capacity from the 3 rounds capacity of the Winchester single-stack detachable magazine to the 10-round capacity of the .308 MDT magazines (available in metal or polymer). The redefined magazine well and ambidextrous magazine latch will add to the ease of use of our MDT magazines with this system.

Our ESS chassis systems for the Winchester XPR short action are in stock can be ordered at

You can also find out more about the XPR rifle and other upcoming versions including the XPC precision rifle chassis at


  • Bonjour Pierre,
    Notre châssis pour Winchester XPR est compatible avec les calibres “courts”. Le calibre .270 Winchester étant un calibre “long” votre boitier ne sera pas compatible. Par contre, un calibre .270 Winchester Short Magnum serait compatible.

    Julien Garnier
  • Bonjour,

    Le chassis peut il s’adapter sur un boitier 270 win xpr?



  • Bonjour Marc,
    MDT livre ses produits en France directement aux particuliers ou par l’intermédiaire de quelques distributeurs. Ce châssis est disponible pour le fusil a verrou Winchester XPR en calibre .308 et peut être commandé directement depuis notre site web ( Le prix inclus la base du châssis, un garde-mains et une crosse. Il dépendra des options choisies : pour information le prix de ce châssis varie entre $899 et $1149.
    Si vous avez besoin de plus d’information n’hésitez pas a nous contacter à


    Julien Garnier
  • Bonjour. Ce chassis est il importé en FRANCE pour une XPR 308 W ? et a quel prix ? Et comment le commander ?
    Hi dear . Can i find this chassis in France for my XPR winchester in 308w caliber ? what’s the price and how to order ?
    Best regards

  • Robert,

    At this point of time it is not in our plans to develop a long action chassis for the XPR.

    Julien Garnier

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