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MDT Releases LSS Chassis System for Savage Axis LA

Over the years the Savage Axis centerfire bolt action rifle, originally released in 2010 as the “Edge”, has received positive feedback for its design and affordability which make it a great entry level rifle for first timers and occasional shooters. It comes without any compromise on the “out of the box” accuracy known to be a trademark of Savage products. That is why for many years now MDT has been offering its LSS chassis system for the short action Axis rifle which Savage offers in six different calibers (22-250 Remington, .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor & 7mm-08 Remington).

With a similar concept to the Tikka T3 rifle Savage designed the Axis to have only one receiver size accommodating three long action calibers as well (25-06 Remington, .270 & 30-06 Springfield), however the market did not have much to offer in terms of long action chassis systems for this platform, leaving very little room for customization. It was only a matter of time until MDT would expend it’s LSS chassis product offering to include the Savage Axis LA calibers, compatible with our own, performance proven, 3.560 magazine design.

You can now install your Savage Axis LA rifle in our lightweight LSS chassis system and benefit from our expertise in terms of accuracy, modularity and ergonomics. Our LSS chassis for Savage Axis LA is designed to use MDT’s proprietary 5-round external box magazine which gives you 25% more capacity than the original detachable box magazine from Savage. You can also customize your LSS chassis system with any AR-15 collapsible buttstocks and most AR-15 pistol grips. Once your system is ready, take it to the range to personally experience the increase in accuracy that this system delivers.

Our Savage Axis Long action LSS chassis system is now available and can be ordered at


  • Damien,
    MDT does not have a magazine specifically for the 25-06 caliber.
    Our 3.715 300WM magazine would work with the 25-06 rounds but will most likely require some adjustment of the feedlips for smooth cycling in your rifle set up.
    Please note that our 3.715 300WM magazines will not work in the HOWA 1500 factory stock . Our magazine is only compatible with our MDT chassis systems and other AICS pattern stocks.
    I hope this helps you to find what you need.

    Julien Garnier
  • Hi
    I was just trying to find out some information about the MDT ESS chassis’s system and if you do magazines for a howa 1500 in 25-06? I can’t seem to find a magazine for the stock hope you could help me

  • Lex,
    Thank you for the feedback on your experience with the MDT LSS chassis system for your Savage Axis. Glad to hear you are satisfied with it.

    Julien Garnier
  • Just purchased MDT LSS for Savage Axis, + MDT Buttstock, MDT pistol grip, MDT magazine (steel). Perfect fit. Feeding rounds with original stock and magazine was very problematic. Did the “dry” run with MDT set up – smooth and effortless cycling.


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