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Will an MDT Chassis work with a Remington 700 7mm?

Yes it will. You will need a Long Action Chassis using .300WM magazines.

Can I use my 30.06 caliber in an MDT Chassis?

Yes, you will need a Long Action chassis. You can use .300WM magazines for the 30.06. The feedlips will need to be adjusted to fit this caliber.

What is the minimum Length of Pull on the TAC21 Savage Chassis with a Magpul PRS?

The minimum Length of Pull (LOP) on the TAC21 Savage Chassis with a Magpul PRS is 14.5". Our Skeleton Rifle Stock however comes in 2 different lengths, allowing you to get your Length of Pull down to 14", or our Skeleton Carbine stock as low as 12".

Which magazine will work for Remington 700 in 300 Ultra Mag?

There is a magazine available for this through Brownells. See the AICS pattern magazine for .300 RUM

Will your chassis systems work with .300 WSM calibers?

Yes it will, using a .308 magazine. But only use metal magazines, which will allow you to bend the feed-lips out a little.  Some people have made our polymer magazines work with this as well by shaving off some material. But we do not recommend this as it will weaken the feed lips.

Will the TAC21 for Savage short action fit the Savage AXIS .308?

It will not, it may be part of our plans sometime in the future, but is not part of our current project list. We do make our LSS Chassis for the Savage Axis.