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Anthony Bujak

Anthony Bujak is a Customer Support Representative with MDT.

As a certified C & B level welder Anthony’s background was primarily in fabrication and prototyping until six years ago when he changed his career path, shortly after getting his PAL, by taking on a Sales position at a local gun shop. He was then hooked on guns and has been working in the firearms industry ever since.

Anthony brings a lot of value to the MDT Support team as he has a good understanding of manufacturing practices and solid experience in Firearm sales, dealing directly with customers and dealers, performing firearms verification and supervising inventory. 

Anthony is also passionate about the art of reloading and spent a few years fine tuning his skills in this area. He goes shooting regularly and particularly enjoys Long Range Precision shooting. His gun collection has fluctuated over the years but some of his personal favorites are his tactical rifles, pistol and shotgun. Besides his guns, Anthony also has a passion for cars and music.