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Ryan Steacy

Ryan is a technical adviser for MDT and a product specialist for International Barrels Inc. (IBI)

• Served in the Canadian Armed Forces

• Advised as a weapons coordinator for the motion picture industry

• Currently competes internationally in precision shooting

Ryan started his shooting career pretty early in life. His dad was in the military and introduced him to basic marksmanship principles while shooting soda cans on camping trips at the age of 5. 
It didn't take long for the addiction to grow into something else and Ryan joined the Canadian Forces in 1995. Soon he was on the regimental shooting team and competing in both Service Rifle and sniper/precision matches at both the provincial and national level. 
Since 1995 Ryan has won the British Columbia Rifle Association(BCRA) provincial service rifle championship 18 times. He has also won the BCRA provincial sniper/precision rifle championship 3 times. During this time he was also competing with the Canadian Forces at their national competition at Connaught Ranges in Ottawa. Ryan has place in the top 10 many times for the Queen's Medal - ending up in second place twice. 
Finishing near the top of the pack puts you in for consideration on the Canadian Forces national team. Ryan shot on the CF national team off and on from 1997-2011 going to many tough international matches such as CENTSAM at Bisley England, ASSAM in Melbourne, Australia and AFSAM in Little Rock,​ Arkansas. 

In 2010, while at Bisley, he won the prestigious Queen Mary match which granted him automatic induction into the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) Service Conditions Hall of Fame. He is currently one of only 7 members in the country. 
Since then Ryan has continued to shoot both Service Rifle and sniper/precision. 
In 2014 Ryan won his first DCRA Canadian National Service rifle championship. At that match he set the current national record. (He has since beat that record twice but unfortunately not at a sanctioned provincial or national level match!) Ryan then went on to win Canadian service rifle titles again in 2015 and 2016 and he is currently set to give 2017 a good run. At those same matches in 2015 and 2016 he also had 2 very strong second place finishes in the sniper/precision matches and is looking to take that to the next level this year. 

Ryan worked on numerous films as a weapons adviser and coordinator - providing safety protocols, weapons training and even appearing in scenes when authentic weapon handling is critical. For more about Ryan's film work click here.

Ryan has also shot some F Class and plans on shooting more in the future. He is also beginning to shoot PRS matches this year and looks forward to the challenge of taking that style of shooting to the next level.