I work as an Electrical Engineer in SE Virginia. My goals are to win a 2 day national match and introduce/help as many people as I can into the Precision Rifle community. Got into long range precision shooting in 2017 and have been hooked ever since.

Years Shooting Competitively:


Top 10 Finishes:

National - 14 / Regional - 33

PRS Class:


PRS Standing:


Favorite Restaurant at Matches:

Various Steakhouses

Recommended Unconventional Gear:

Electrolyte drink mixes, I don’t think I have 3….
Dan uses MDT ACC Premier left hand chassis for his training rifle built on a Hawk Hill barrel and Impact action chambered in .223. He will also drop in his Vudoo .22LR build when he competes in rimfire matches. His competiton build is the same action/barrel combo that is set in the MDT ACC Elite Chassis system. The MDT One-Piece Scope Mount is the strongest rifle scope mount available and is what Dan uses on his Leupold Mk 5 HD riflescope. It's important to have a strong rifle scope mount when you send as many rounds downrange as Dan does. Finally, the MV3 Electronic Level is much easier to see and faster to respond than a standard bubble level for ensuring your rifle isn't canted. It uses the same rail as your scope mount to attach, or a variety of our other mounting options.

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