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Do you ship internationally?

How long will my shipment take?


Do you make a folding adaptor?

Can I use AR-10 or AR-15 magazines with your chassis?

Do you have factory seconds or clearance items?

Does the folding stock adapter work with the TAC21 or HS3 chassis?

Do you make a chassis for Mosin Nagant?

Will my Savage rifle work with MDT Chassis systems?

Will the TAC21 for Savage short action fit the Savage AXIS .308?

Will your chassis systems work with .300 WSM calibers?

What is the minimum Length of Pull on the TAC21 Savage Chassis with a Magpul PRS?

Can I use my 30.06 caliber Remington 700 in the TAC21 Chassis?

Will the TAC21 Chassis work with a Remington 700 7mm?

Will any of the chassis work with a Ruger m77 7mm long action?


Where are the manuals for your products?

What action screw spacing do you support for Savage Actions?

Which magazine do I use for 300 RUM?

Do you make a safety extension for the Remington 700 on the TAC21?

Can i use a short action in a long action stock system?

What magazine can I use for my 7mm, .270, .280 or 30.06 caliber rifle?

Which magazine will work for Remington 700 in 300 Ultra Mag?

What magazine can I use for a Remington 700 chambered in 7mm Rem Mag?


How do I become a dealer for MDT products?