Partners of MDT

The following companies are rifle builders using MDT products.

Remington Arms

Remington Arms uses the MDT TAC21 chassis system for the Remington 700 Tactical Chassis Rifle.
Remington 700 Tactical Chassis Rifle

O.F. Mossberg Logo

O.F. Mossberg and sons uses our LSS chassis system for the Mossberg MVP LC

Mossberg MVP LC



Robar Guns

Robar builds a custom Remington 700 version in the TAC21 chassis which they call the SR-21
Robar SR-21

Drake Associates

Drake Associates is a custom manufacturer of world class  Long Range Precision Tactical Sniper weapons that feature the Hunter Stalker L.W.S.S. chassis system. This chassis is exclusively built for Drake by MDT.
These Hunter Stalker L.W.S.S. chassis are designed to Drake's specifications that enhance ergonomics and performance on both Savage and Remington barreled actions. Drake's enhancements and specifications are designed   "For Snipers by Snipers"
Special features included XL extended forends, 20 MOA top rail systems and Left / Right hand universal options.

Drake Hunter Stalker