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Looking for a stock replacement for your Remington 700, Savage or Tikka T3 Bolt action rifle, turning it into a tactical and highly accurate system?

Our TAC21 Chassis system for bolt action rifles offers a combination of improved accuracy, superior ergonomics and specialized design allowing use of AR-15 butt-stocks, grips and automatically converts your rifle to an external box magazine fed rifle.

The TAC21 can be installed in 30 - 45 minutes without the need of bedding and has proven results with up to 28% accuracy improvements.

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Product Description


tac21 v-shaped beddingThe action sits in flat spots inside the action housing and is the only contact point for ultimate accuracy.

Our TAC21™ chassis system is a combination of benchrest accuracy, superior ergonomics and specialized design. This chassis brings the bolt action rifles to the next level in versatility and modularity, with an instant improvement in accuracy.

The chassis system is manufactured out of billet 6061-T6 aluminum, which has been hard anodized to mil spec type III for extra strength, and has been finished with Cerakote™ in Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

TAC21™ chassis is engineered to minimize warping and distortion. The rifle receiver only makes contact with the TAC21™ chassis on the V shape bedding and recoil lug area insuring the best accuracy and repeatability. The generous clearance on the forend makes any barrel (diameter up to the receiver size – 1.350”) free floating.

TAC21 End CapThe end cap features a quick release lever which is tightly locked in place, allowing quick removal of the buttstock and bolt.

Inherently, the TAC21™ has a straight-line design, meaning that the recoil comes straight back instead of making the front of the rifle kick upwards. This results in more accurate and quicker follow up shots. This also translates to a decrease in felt recoil and comfort.


The TAC21™ chassis system is currently manufactured for the following bolt action rifle platforms:

  • Remington 700 Short Action (.223 and .308 bolt faces)
  • Remington 700 Long Action (.300WM, .338LM, 7mm, 30.06)
  • Savage Short Action, Models 10, 11, 12 and 16 (.223 and .308 bolt faces)
  • Savage Long Action, Models 110, 111, 112 and 116 (.300WM)
  • Tikka T3 - Short Calibers (.223 and .308 bolt faces)
  • Tikka T3 - Long Calibers (.300WM, 6.5x55, 7mm, 30.06). Requires MDT 3.560 Magazine.

*Please note: For Savage Long Action in 338 Lapua Magnum:
Savage Long Action Chassis Systems all use 3.715" AICS magazine wells. The BA 110 in 338 Lapua Magnum uses 3.850" magazines and have recently switched to a thicker recoil lug which will not fit our chassis. We will be releasing a version of the ESS in mid- 2017, which will be specifically designed around the current BA 110 in 338 Lapua Magnum. 

TAC21 Fore end mountingSlightly offset tapered holes ensure the forend is pulled tight against the action housing

Mounting and Compatible Accessories

The TAC21™ chassis is designed to accept any AR-15 butt-stock and pistol grip (purchased separately), offering the option to customize from the wide variety of  Accessories available on the market.

The TAC21™ chassis uses external box style magazines in .223 and .308 caliber for Short Action and .300WM or .338LM magazines for Long Action rifles, and supports installation of bolt on MIL-STN-1913 accessory mounting rails on the forend and side of the action housing. Mounting holes are spaced for Magpul style L5 (11 slots) and L3 (7 slots) rails (1.600” / 3.200”).

With a top full length MIL-STN-1913 accessories mounting rail. The built-in mounting rail has 20 MOA (Minutes of Angle) on the action housing and is parallel to the barrel axis on the fore-end.

TAC21 Sling Swivel StudForend has sling swivel stud installed, which can be removed to install a rail for rail mounted bipods.

Note: Long action magazines come in 3 different lengths: 3.715", 3.775" an 3.850". Our chassis use 3.715 magazines. If you purchased the Remington 700 Tactical Chassis Rifle, the magazine well is 3.775.


  • Increases accuracy by up to 28%
  • CNC Machined from 6061 aluminum
  • Cerakote Finish in Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • 20 MOA built in top rail
  • Hole spacing for Magpul L5(11slot) and L3(7slot)Rails
  • Lightweight, free-floating modular forend
  • Will accommodate barrels as thick as the action
  • Compatible with AICS style magazines in .223 or .308 (SA) and 300WM, 30.06,. (Long Action Magazine length 3.715)
  • Weight: 3lb - 3.6lb

What you get, and what you need

The TAC21 chassis system comes as a 4-piece chassis, with all required mounting hardware included. This includes new action screws, and a screw for the pistol grip.

To complete this chassis on your rifle, the additional items you need to purchase are:

For a lighter, more compact chassis, please also see our LSS chassis System or our HS3 Chassis System.


Dimensions shown are based on a Remington 700 Short Action.
For longer Length of Pull you can use a Magpul PRS or similar buttstock to add 1".

TAC21 Dimensions

Product Reviews

Customer Reviews 11 item(s)

great product
i own a savage 11 in 300 wsm, and the tac21 worked awesome little modification needed the action feed ramp the mag well on the tac21 short action could be back just a 1/4 inch to the rear to get more lenght on the coal, overall it works flawless i recomend it
Review by j-correa / (Posted on 3/3/2017)
A real shooter, a real looker
The fit and finish of the chassis is superb. The install was easy. I put my Savage FCP-SR (10) .308 into the TAC21 with the skeleton 4 and it looks amazing and shoots amazing also. Easy to group 5 shots all touching at 100 yards. Also seems to have eliminated most of the felt recoil with the in-line design, easier to stay on sight picture. 6 inch group at 850 no problem.
Review by Christian H / (Posted on 1/18/2017)
Love it
Bought it, got it, installed it...

The TAC21 Chassis System is beautiful, have had people coming over to see what I'm shooting every time I've been at the range.

Very easy to install, had to do a little polishing to get the locking lever on the rear to lock.

I contacted MDT about it being too tight and right away they offered to fix it for me, it was an easy fix so I did it my self, can't complain about anything... great company.

I will be buying another Chassis System in the near future.

Thanks MDT
Review by Douglas / (Posted on 9/22/2016)
Great product Overall
Fit, finish, and product composition is superb. No problems installing other than forgetting to remove the factory sights and installing the spring in the opposite orientation. None of which was MDT's fault, solely my own user error. I will definitely buy another chassis kit in the near future! Maybe a LSS for another project.
Review by Danyl / (Posted on 6/28/2016)
Absolute LOVE this chassis on the T3 300WM! Just changing the chassis and the felt recoil has completely changed! No longer an I done after 40 rounds... now I can go through a full 100 rounds at the range and still be up for more... only downside, it's a bit pricey... I spent less on my Tikka T3 than I did on the chassis... but it's worth it! Great customer service also! Got a bad magazine and they replaced the bad one and refunded shipping very quickly!
Review by Andrew / (Posted on 5/22/2016)
my problem is tat it was stolen and i have to build a new one. love the gun.
I built one with Remington Model 700 Varmint 308. it shot great and I had friends tell me it was the best shooting rifle they had ever shot.
Review by Thomas / (Posted on 4/18/2016)
At this time I don't know what else to say! It is as if I had sat down with a designer and had them draw up everything I would want in a precision rifle chassis. It makes it so much easier to shoot well. I just like everything about it and find myself staring at it as if it was constantly on display. I’m a tweaker and I’m always modifying and changing things around to suit my personal preferences.
The only suggestion I have and I may try it on my chassis is to place a nylon or rubber stop at the end of the bolt channel to catch the bolt. I think if you did this you wouldn't need the Remington bolt release assembly making it not only simpler to install Remington actions but you could use a wider variety of triggers without the release.
Keep up the good work!
Review by James T / (Posted on 3/12/2015)
Awesome Product
Installed this chassis in about 45 minutes. I watched the video to install it on YouTube first, which helped a bit, but the owners manual it came with helps a lot also. Love shooting it at the range and showing it off!!!
Review by Marcus Millen / (Posted on 2/2/2015)
Excellent product and customer service.
I eagerly anticipated this product the moment I ordered it.

Once I received the product I set forth with my build. The instructions are great, if you follow them. Alas, I neglected to remove the set screw on the top of my action, and Maarten was quick to assist and point me in the right direction. I was receiving responses within minutes during business hours, great support!

The chassis is now assembled and looks magnificent on my Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC-SD .308 Win. I also ordered the AD mounts for optics and harris bipod. These products are sturdy, and high quality. The rings are already aligned and you will only need to level the scope appropriately, and the QD features are nice.

I have already placed an order for the recoil pad upgrade and am looking forward to the comfort it appears to provide.

Great job MDT!
Review by Kevin D / (Posted on 2/2/2015)
Worth every penny
MDT has created the best chassis for the money by far. The installation was easy for any mechanically inclined person. This has increased the accuracy of my Remington 700 and lets not forget how bad ass it looks. I've been using it hard for a month now since I got it and I keep loving it more each time I take it out to the range. This chassis has made my 700 my favorite gun I own by far. Now I want to get the LSS chassis for my Savage 110 because if it works half as well as the Tac21 then its worth the money in my opinion. I also really like the fact that you can put on any AR grip or stock on this and truly mold this gun to yourself. Every Tac21 looks different because of that and makes them unique. I will be a customer for life and I cant wait to see what kind of products MDT comes out with in the future.

Thank you

Review by tkirchn3r / (Posted on 2/2/2015)
Excellent Product
Installed on a REM 700 SPS 308 Tactical with threaded 20" barrel. I replaced REM trigger assembly with the most awesome Timney trigger.

The only problem was the rear bolt hole. Is was too tight. I cranked it on anyway vs milling the hole to fit the gun hole alignment. Either the TAC-21 milling machine program needs to be tweaked or this is a REM issue.

Go MDT team!
Review by Fudd / (Posted on 2/2/2015)
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