watch: suppressors in video game VS REAL LIFE

It’s pretty common in video games for suppressors to affect how your rifle shoots, for example, changing your muzzle velocity and accuracy, but is that how it really works? In today’s video Andy Slade tests a few different rifles to see how a suppressor actually affects your shooting in the real world.


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mdt elite scope rings

mdt xrs timbr kit

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What’s the best way to shoot off a tripod? Tripods are a favorite tool for long-range hunters and competitive shooters for getting stable shots. Pro shooters Andy Slade and Keith Baker demonstrate the way they shoot off a tripod and compare the 3 most commonly used methods.

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frozen shooting test

watch: frozen shooting test

What happens to your rifle if you leave it burried in the snow while hunting narwals and muskox in the far north during a blizzard? We ran a few different tests to see how cold weather affects velocity and accuracy when your rifle is cooled to about -109°F (-78°C), which is not only awesome to see, but also pretty “cool”.

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