watch: does tape affect your accuracy?

Does tape on your barrel affect accuracy? Some hunters tape their barrels to keep them clean from dust and moisture while on the hunt. But what effect, if any, does that have on the point of impact? We test to find out.


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watch: how bullet weight affects recoil

We built a new platform to test recoil and this is our first video with it. We shoot different loads with the only thing changing is the bullet weight. We measure the velocity and recoil to see just how much bullet weight alone has on felt recoil.

watch: shoot long range without a kestrel

Ken discusses mobile apps, the "6.5 Creedmoor hack," and using data on your ammo box to get on target. He stresses the importance of laser range finders and talks about using your mil reticle in a pinch.

watch: will a damaged crown still group?

If you damaged your barrel crown while hunting, would you be confident taking a shot at an animal? Ryan does the unthinkable and destroys his crown to see how it affects his accuracy and point of impact.


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