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Palm Rest Spacers - Set of 4 (for Angled Grip or for Vertical Grip) go between the bottom of the Grip and the Palm Rest to customize the comfortability and fit of your trigger hand (ONLY FITS G4 CHASSIS).

  • Fits:  Angled Palm Rest Spacers fit G4 Angled Grip & Vertical Palm Rest Spacers fit G4 Vertical Grip Angled Grip (Does NOT work with PRE-G4 / Original Palm Rests / Chassis).
  • Dimensions (approx):
    • Angled Spacers:  0.125" x 1.50" x 3.375"  (per spacer)
    • Vertical Spacers: 0.125" x 1.50" x 4.00"  (per spacer)
  • Weight (approx):
    • Angled Spacers:  0.375 ozs  (per spacer)  
    • Vertical Spacers: 0.500 ozs  (per spacer)
  • Material:  Neoprene
  • What's Included:  4 Palm Rest Spacers & Hardware

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