watch: long range hunting ethics

What distance is your ethical shooting limit for hunting? MDT Pro Shooter John Pynch talks about how he works on and sets his limit in different conditions. Variables like wind, bullet speed, gear, and skill are addressed. Watch for great advice on finding out what your comfortable ethical hunting distance is.


Check out the gear we highlighted in the video.

MDT hnt26 chassis system

mdt double pull lightweight ckye-pod

mdt 6br metal magazine

mdt comp brake

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watch: carlos hathcock scope shot

We attempt to recreate a famous shot from Marine Corps Sniper, Carlos Hathcock, by putting a round through a riflescope from 4 football fields away. Long-range shooting instructor and MDT Pro, Andy Slade, gives it a shot with his precision rifle.

watch: nrl hunter stage breakdown

MDT Pro Shooter Jon Pynch breaks down a typical NRL Hunter match stage. He discusses time management, tips for glassing targets, and building a stable position. NRL Hunter is an excellent discipline for prepping for hunts in the off-season and shaking out gear.

watch: the north american super slammer

MDT Pro Shooter Jon Pynch loves hunting wild places and going on grand adventures. Jon is on his way to being one of the few hunters to achieve the North American Super Slam by taking all 29 big game animals.


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