Ryan Charlton Takes First at Paintmine Woods PR22 - MDT Field Report

Posted by Thomas Gomez on 2024 May 1st

Ryan Charlton Takes First at Paintmine Woods PR22 - MDT Field Report

Team MDT Shooter Ryan Charlton recently took 1st place at the Paintmine Woods PR22 Rimfire Match in Warton, United Kingdom. Ryan shot a clean score, making him the first person in the UK to clean a PR22 match!

We had a chance to catch up with Ryan for a quick interview. Ryan noted the match had a relaxed atmosphere with positive communication between new shooters and seasoned pros. Ryan said everyone had a great time taking turns as RO.

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From Ryan, "I'd spent a lot of time in the week leading up to the match getting the rifle I used dialed in, so I was confident it was shooting well; when I checked zero, it shot a great group, which instilled confidence. Throughout the match, I just focused on setting a good example to the squad at each stage; I read the stage brief, we ranged the targets, prepared our rifles and DOPE, and then took turns to spot and RO. When it came to my turn to shoot, I just concentrated on making good positions, which led to great trigger presses and seeing every shot. At the lunch break, I was aware that the two of us were clean; however, focusing on the processes kept my nerves and excitement at bay. When making my last two shots of the match on the smallest paddle of a KYL rack, I just focused on making a great trigger press and watching the bullets all the way to the target. My primary goal whenever I shoot a match is to have fun, and I believe being relaxed and smiling is key to a good performance!"

Ryan had an all-around enjoyable day, and shooting a clean match was the icing on the cake.

For the match, Ryan used a custom rifle assembled by Brock & Norris Custom Rifles. The rifle consists of a Phoenix MTU barrel spun onto a Zermatt Arms Rim-X action. The barreled action was mated to an MDT ACC Elite Chassis System augmented with a TriggerTech Diamond and an MDT CKYE-Pod. For optics, he chose a Kahles 328i DLR.

Full Rifle Details:

  • Action – Zermatt Arms Rim-X
  • Barrel – Phoenix MTU, 26", 1:14 twist
  • Trigger – TriggerTech Diamond
  • Chassis - MDT ACC Elite
  • Bipod – MDT Ckye Pod
  • Riflesmith – Brock & Norris Custom Rifles
  • Scope – Kahles 328i DLR
  • Mount – Tier One Cantilever

Congratulations, Ryan and the UK Team, for a great start to the competitive season! Check out the latest from our YouTube channel!



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