watch: tunable ultimate recoil device

The MDT Tunable Ultimate Recoil Device (MDT-TURD) allows you to shoot smaller calibers with nearly 3.14 times more recoil! Your .22 will feel like a .223, and a .223 feels like a .308. The added recoil provides realistic training, stressing perfect body position while allowing you to save money on ammo. Built with Marine-grade submarine steel and reverse baffles, the MDT-TURD creates parabolic concussion forward and to the side. The unique patent-pending design removes the need for hearing protection for the shooter while graciously disorienting shooters to your sides and down range.



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mdt tunable ultimate recoil device

mdt elite muzzle brake

mdt baker wings

mdt comp brake

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watch: MDT M-LOK Hat

The MDT M-LOK Hat. Great for adding accessories to your hat.
-M-LOK Slots not included
-M-LOK Accessories not included

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When pounds equal pain the MDT Lightweight Weights, equal relief.

watch: emdity

Emdity is a rifle stock replacement and accessories supplement to help improve accuracy and consistency. Ask your local dealer for more information, or visit

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