MDT Competition Muzzle Brake - Inside MDT

Posted by Eric Drake on 2023 Oct 10th

MDT Competition Muzzle Brake - Inside MDT

Firearms YouTuber Gavin Gear recently posted a video on his channel Ultimate Reloader, providing a detailed look at the MDT Competition Muzzle Brake. Gavin speaks about the specifications of this new Muzzle Brake, demonstrates proper installation on a bolt-action rifle, and reviews the performance of the brake to conclude his video.

The host reviews the various caliber options the MDT Competition Muzzle Brake offers—including .223/6mm, 6.5mm, .308., and .338. MDT provides these caliber options in 1/2x28, 5/6x24, and 3/4x24 thread patterns. Gavin explains he appreciates these thread options, citing the fact that he can mount an MDT Competition Muzzle Brake to his less-than-common threaded 3/4x24 .338 custom rifle build. The host also mentions the fact that this new muzzle brake is self-timing.


MDT's goals when designing this muzzle brake were to reduce felt recoil, provide adjustable compensation settings, and design the best "baffle" system to vent gasses most efficiently. The adjustable compensation slider on the MDT Competition Muzzle Brake allows for fine-tuning the amount of gas vented from the top of the muzzle brake with each shot. This feature is emphasized because it allows shooters to limit visual occlusion while zeroing their rifles and spotting their bullet impacts and vapor trails. The shooter then can tune the brake to release more gas out the top once a proper zero is achieved or a consistent point of impact is confirmed. This brake's port and baffle system was developed using finite element modeling to provide the least amount of blast pressure toward the shooter. Gavin says this is an important aspect of a muzzle brake because of the shooter fatigue that can develop when shooting larger calibers for extended periods.

After the overview, Gavin demonstrates his installation of the MDT Competition Muzzle Break on one of his rifles. He starts installation by ensuring his rifle is level and applying TW25B grease on his rifle's 5/8x24-threaded barrel. He then seats the included washer on the base of his rifle's threads and screws the muzzle brake onto the rifle. Gavin then utilizes a bubble level to adjust the break and level it. This installation took roughly 40 seconds in real time.

Next, Gavin heads to the range and shoots his rifle, then returns to his studio to record his results and discuss the performance of the MDT Brake. In his post-shooting session, Gavin reports a decrease in the concussive force his rifle produced with each shot. The statistics collected augment Gavin's theory. The MDT Competition Muzzle Brake reduced peak recoil force by 41% compared to the results recorded with the same rifle with no muzzle brake equipped. Gavin provides an unbiased and empirical data-driven approach to reviewing and discussing topics. Subscribe to his channel for more information.


Check out Gavin's YouTube channel for more awesome content! Information about our muzzle brakes can be found here!


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