How to True Your Ballistic Coefficient - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 May 28th

How to True Your Ballistic Coefficient - MDT Mention

Commonly featured YouTube Channel,'Mountains, Mullets, Merica!'posted a video responding to the frequently asked question, "How can I true my ballistic coefficient?". 

The heart of the rifle in this video is a Pristine Action chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The rifle action utilizes the Savage pre-fit configuration, allowing the host to swap barrels with basic tools and a set of "no-go" gauges. A 16" Outlier 6.5 Creedmoor barrel replaces the host's previously installed Proof 20" barrel. At the end of the barrel is an Otter Creek Labs hydrogen L .30 caliber suppressor. Atop the action sits an Arken EP5 5x25 optic and a triggercam 2.1 camera. The rifle's action is mounted to an MDT XRS Chassis System, providing a robust chassis system with a solid ARCA mount for mounting to a tripod or bipod. The ammunition used in this video is exclusively Ally munitions 135 "Atip."

The host does a fantastic job going through the ballistic calculator on his mobile phone.

With a 100-yard zero, the host loads his barrel's twist rate, optic height, and turret adjustment units into a ballistic calculator on his phone. Next, the Ally munitions 135 Atip load's data is entered into the calculator. This data includes bullet measurements, muzzle velocity, velocity variation, and ballistic coefficient. Lastly, target distance, altitude, barometric pressure, and other atmospheric conditions are added.

Truing a BC is best accomplished with a good laser range finder and environmental data.

With a ballistic chart generated by the calculator, the host shoots a string of rounds at 1025 Yards. The first shot in this series lands low, and the ballistic coefficient is set to a lower value to raise the point of impact. After this adjustment, 13.9 mils of elevation are added, and windage is changed to shoot at a full-size IPSC silhouette from 1200 Yards.

With BC adjusted, the shooter makes six solid hits at 1200 Yards. Ending the video, the host explains his ballistic coefficient adjustments, confirmed by his consistent impacts at 1200 Yards.


Make sure to check out the Mountains, Mullets, Merica! YouTube Channel!


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