Posted by MDT Modular Driven Technologies on 2018 Jun 21st


Since the first release of our new Elite Sniper System chassis MDT has kept the ball rolling, releasing more ESS related products: additional inlets have been added like the Ruger American, Browning X-Bolt or Winchester XPR, the ESS chassis system has been released in the left-hand version on the most popular inlets and the ESS Carbon Fiber Forend. So what’s next?

Well we’re thrilled to announce that our ESS Folding Buttstock is now being released. A large number of you have been asking for this very early on and have been patiently anticipating the release of this new buttstock. MDT knew from the beginning that this new ESS Folding Buttstock release could not be rushed and would require persistence to provide ESS chassis shooters with a reliable and slick folding system. We believe we have achieved just that and can’t wait for you to put your hands on it.

The first notable difference with most folding systems on the market is that our folder integrates really well with the rest of the system: it is completely in line between the chassis and the buttstock and keeps the aesthetics of the ESS without breaking any lines. Thanks to our “double hinge” design there is no hinge protruding to the side, getting in the way of your hand.

We know you will come to appreciate the functionalities of the new ESS Folding Buttstock. For one, it can fold in both directions depending on how you install it on your chassis: a simple 180 degrees rotation will make it fold to the right or to the left, whichever you prefer. Once folded it also locks in the “Open” position to avoid having your stock swing during handling, and it releases as simply as the push of a button or by pulling on your stock. When folded back into the “Closed” position you will notice that this new folder design is extremely sturdy which will help you stay consistent in making your shots as accurate as possible.

We’ve also replaced the cheek riser adjustment wheel by quick adjust, tool-less thumbwheels which cleared space in the skeletonized body of the buttstock. This design change now allows the ESS buttstock to fold completely overtop your bolt handle on most rifles*. If this feature is not important to you, an adjustment wheel assembly can easily be installed providing you with the original fine-tuning adjustment of the cheek riser height.

Finally, we have added third QD attachment point and an M-Lok slot on the bottom face of the buttstock allowing you to install various accessories. The overall length of the ESS folding buttstock is only a ¼” longer than the ESS Fixed Buttstock which helps to maintain a similar length of pull (LOP).

As said before, we can’t wait for you to try this out for yourselves and benefit from the features of our new ESS Folding Buttstock which are now available and can be ordered at


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