Posted by MDT Modular Driven Technologies on 2017 Nov 30th


Since it’s release in 2016 by Lithgow Arms the LA102 Crossover centerfire rifle has gained in popularity both at home, in the Land Down Under where it originated, and here in North America. With a substantial following in both regions MDT decided to make its ESS & LSS-XL Gen2 chassis system available for the LA102 Crossover bolt action rifle.

Reviewers of the LA102 Crossover are unanimous: with over hundred years of manufacturing knowledge in the competitive and demanding military weapons industry, Lithgow Arms is bringing an “Australian made”, quality, accurate and reliable bolt action rifle to the civilian market. But a couple things that reviewers have asked to see as an option for the LA102 Crossover is a tactical type aluminum chassis and a 10-round magazine.

That’s where MDT steps up to the plate and delivers: not only did we release our new 10-round .308 metal magazine, but we are also ecstatic at the idea of seeing you fit your LA102 Crossover into one of our ESS chassis system or LSS-XL Gen2 chassis system. We know this is a very anticipated release in the Great Southern Land but do not be mistaken, the anticipation is also rising here in North America. Mark Gdak, President of Trigger Wholesale Inc. (TWI), the exclusive importer and distributor of the Lithgow Arms products in Canada, says “The success of the Lithgow LA101 and LA102 Bolt Action Rifles has exceeded our expectations. The premium build quality boasts some of the highest SAAMI norms in the industry and consumers and industry experts are seeing the results down range. In our global travels we have seen MDT at major international events and we are proud and excited to see a Canadian company like MDT manufacturing a product in Canada that can extend the range of the platform and the performance of the Lithgow LA102 Rifles with the launch of their ESS chassis system”.

You can now experience the features of the ESS and the LSS-XL Gen2 chassis systems which have been widely praised by shooters since their first release. The ultimate ergonomics of these systems, lockable buttstock positions (LOP, cheek rest height and side-to-side adjustability), optimum placement of the pistol grip in relation to the trigger and modular configurability will enhance your shooting experience and accuracy.

This ESS and LSS-XL Gen2 models are compatible with the short action LA102 Crossover model in all available short action calibers from Lithgow Arms (.223, .243 & .308). You will also be able to increase your rifle capacity from the 3-round capacity of the Lithgow Arms magazine to the 10-round capacity of the MDT magazines for the .308 caliber. Our redefined magazine well and ambidextrous magazine latch will add to the ease of use of our MDT magazines with this system. Regarding the magazine compatibility for the .223/5.56mm configuration please refer to our notes. The bolt stop may be too long on the .223 caliber and therefore require modification.

Ultimately, helping shooters increase their accuracy and Shoot Better is what we are all about, so we are always excited when an opportunity to pair a quality bolt action rifle with our reliable, accurate and proven ESS & LSS-XL Gen2 chassis systems presents itself. We look forward to counting you among the numerous ESS and LSS-XL Gen2 chassis users and hearing from your personal experience of these systems.

Our ESS and LSS-XL Gen2 chassis systems for Lithgow Arms short action are in stock can be ordered at For our Aussie friends these chassis systems can also be ordered directly through Cleaver Firearms, our exclusive distributor in Australia.


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