Posted by MDT Modular Driven Technologies on 2018 Mar 19th


When it comes to buttstocks there has always been a wide variety of products available on the market so, at MDT we have consistently designed our chassis system to be compatible with AR style buttstocks and/or fixed buttstock to allow our customers to customize their bolt action rifle with the option that suits them best when it comes to their shooting performance. But we have also gone the extra mile by developing our own buttstocks as it is important for us to provide full, functional, state of the art and good looking bolt action chassis systems.

This past year we expanded our product range with the ESS & SCS buttstocks while historically our Skeleton Rifle Stock (SRS) has evolved over the years to become MDT’s renowned SRS V4. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of the SRS V5: this newest version of the SRS carries on with MDT’s continuous functionality & ergonomic improvement design approach.

The first and main improvement on the SRS V5 is the introduction of thumbwheels, replacing the SRS V4 set screws for a quick tool-less and seamless adjustment of the buttpad and cheek rest positions. No need to carry an allen key in your pocket or your rifle bag anymore. These thumbwheels come with brass tips to ensure durability of their tightening function regardless of how frequently you might change your length of pull or cheek rest height.

The next area of improvement is the cheek rest where features of our ESS buttstock have been integrated as well. With the SRS V5 you will now be able to adjust your cheek rest position side to side as well as angle it as much as 8 degrees on either side. We have also added a cut-out in front of the cheek riser to increase clearance and allow the bolt to be removed without having to lower your cheek rest position.

Regarding the customization of the SRS V5, the threaded holes on the underside bottom face of the buttstock have now been replaced with a single M-Lok slot which can be used to install MDT’s 1.5” M-Lok rail or other M-Lok accessories. Just like its predecessor the SRS V5 also comes with 2 QD mount holes on either side of the buttstock to place your sling where it suits you best.

While the SRS V4 came in only one length the SRS V5 is being released as two different models: the SRS V5 which has been designed for an optimized length of pull on our LSS-XL Gen2 and HS3 chassis systems (LOP of 13.5”) and the SRS V5 Short which was specifically designed for our TAC21 chassis system (LOP of 14”). The SRS V5 Short can also be used on our LSS chassis system when using MDT’s stock adapters but will increase your length of pull further (LOP of 14.75”).

Unlike the SRS V5 Short, the SRS V5 model includes a hand scoop for a more comfortable grip position avoiding the shooter’s hand to get pinched, however both models offer a similar weight reduction of 11% compared to the SRS V4 which brings the total weight of this buttstock to 951 grams or just above the 2 lbs mark.

All in all we are really excited about this release and how the SRS V5 integrates well with our chassis system product lines. MDT’s new Skeleton Rifle Stocks are now available and can be ordered at


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