Mountains, Mullets, Merica! 25 Yard Zero for Long Range Shooting? - Inside MDT

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Feb 13th

Mountains, Mullets, Merica! 25 Yard Zero for Long Range Shooting? - Inside MDT

YouTuber, 'Mountains, Mullets, Merica" shot and posted a video titled "You can only access 25yds... What are you capable of at a distance?" in response to many viewers telling him they do not have access to long-distance shooting ranges. In this YouTube video, the host zeroed his rifle at 25 yards, then shot out to 1,033 to see what results he could attain.

After setting up a target and zeroing his FN SCAR 20S with an Arken EP-5 5x25 optic, the host loads a magazine of 140 gr SMK bullet cartridges and moves to his long-distance range. Next, the host uses a ballistic calculator to determine where his point of aim should be and what windage elevation adjustments should be made. In the sitting position, the host mounts his rifle to a tripod and begins shooting at a 1 ⁄ 4 size IPSC steel silhouette from 250 yards. All shots land on target in rapid succession at 250 yards.

The host moves to shoot at a 10" steel plate at 380 yards, a ⅔ IPSC Silhouette at 550 yards and 735 yards, and finally, a full-size IPSC silhouette at 850 yards and 1,033 yards. Finishing the video, our host provides an in-depth overview of his shooting experience and answers the question of how well prepared he was to shoot at long ranges with just a 25-yard zero.

The host tested the 25 yard zero with an FN SCAR 20s chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

With the 25-yard zero and drop chart complete, 100% accuracy at 250 yards was achieved, as mentioned previously. Then, at 380 yards, the shooter's point of impact is high and off the target. After a quick elevation adjustment, all follow-up shots land on target from 380 yards. At 550 yards, the same high point of impact occurs, and after an elevation adjustment, all shots land on target. Moving out to 735 yards, the elevation adjustment issue repeats itself, and all shots land on target post-elevation adjustment. Finally, at 1033 yards, five out of ten shots hit the full-size IPSC silhouette. The host notes that his bullet drop calculations were nearly identical to the one he calculated at 250 yards.

Wrapping up the video, the host heads back to his 25-yard range to gather velocity data. The average muzzle velocity was 2,660 FPS from the 20" barreled FN rifle. The point of impact was tested to confirm the Arken optic wasn't knocked off zero by the recoil from the SCAR platform rifle. The Arken optic did not lose zero. The host was left wondering why his actual data did not match up to his ballistic data but conceded that question to a future video.

The host did the majority of his shooting off a tripod! Check out this awesome tripod video from Mountains, Mullets, Merica!


Make sure to check out the "Mountains, Mullets, Merica!" YouTube Channel for more great content!


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