Pedro Ampuero Hunting Hunting Goats in Mallorca - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Feb 27th

Pedro Ampuero Hunting Hunting Goats in Mallorca - MDT Mention

Pedro Ampuero hosts the YouTube channel Pedro Ampuero Hunting Adventures, films and posts content from around the world featuring rifle, bow, and speargun hunts while providing insightful tactics and techniques to his viewers. For those locked within the confines of North America, Ampuero hunts give us a peek into hunting around the world. In Pedro's video "Hunting Hybrid Goats in Mallorca Island," he documents a multi-day cull (or a selective reduction of a species) to reduce the Spanish Island's hybrid goat population.

After a video intro, footage of the host prepping his 6.5mm PRC rifle is shown. Pedro adds a plate to the stock of his rifle's MDT HNT26 Chassis to tune his desired length of pull measurements. A sling is attached to the chassis, and magazines are loaded. Then, the team sets off to the base of a mountain to begin their hunt in the early morning.

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For the hunt, Pedro and his friends used Hornady Precision Hunter.

The rifle Ampuero uses is the relatively new Bergara Premier Elevate. Premier series rifles come from Bergara's custom rifle shop. Here, high-end components are mated together by true craftsmen. The result is pinpoint accuracy at an exceptional value. The Elevate rifle is the line's flagship hunting rifle. It uses Bergara's "Cure" Carbon Barrel, which is manufactured with a patent-pending building process in which strands of stainless steel are weaved into the barrel's carbon fiber. The action and barrel of the Bergara Premier Elevate rest in an MDT HNT26 Chassis System. The HNT26 utilizes carbon fiber and magnesium, accepts AICS magazines, and has ARCA rails and M-Lok attachments for modularity and adaptability. This is the perfect lightweight, long-range hunting rig.

A lightweight rifle was a plus when climbing the mountains of Mallorca.

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Continuing, Ampuero spots and positively identifies a group of pure-blooded Balearean boc while explaining that the animals frequently breed with other local goat species during hibernation. This crossbreeding causes population numbers of pure Balearean boc to dwindle, threatening the endangerment of the species.

In the afternoon, a viable hybrid species goat was identified 227 meters from the hunting group at a low elevation in the mountains. Pedro sets up his rifle, and another hunter, Paco Margarit, makes a mock goat call to get the animal's attention. Pedro takes a shot when the goat stops, and the goat is dispatched immediately.

As the hunt continues, a handful of hybrid goats are culled with Pedro's rifle. He notes that the 6.5mm PRC caliber performed excellently, providing clean, one-shot kills on hybrid goats throughout his hunt. The host then stops on a mountainside to document dressing a small goat and harvesting its meat—a traditional food that is valued by area locals. The meat taken from these goats cannot be sold or given to businesses per local regulations; however, hunters are permitted to harvest it for personal consumption.

Throughout the next few days, Mr. Ampuero and his team cull hybrid goats in the mountains. The host emphasizes the importance of remaining "one step ahead" while hunting in rocky terrain and preparing to set up a proper shooting position when targets are identified. Mountain hunting is rigorous—be prepared.

Wrapping up the video, Pedro summarizes his experience atop a mountain. The cull was successful, providing a lasting positive impact on the preservation of pure Balearean boc goats on the islands of Mallorca, Spain.


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