Sheep Hunting in Kyrgyzstan - MDT Mentions

Posted by Eric Drake on 2023 Sep 26th

Sheep Hunting in Kyrgyzstan - MDT Mentions

Asif Ilyasov, an Azerbaijani guide and outfitter, has been hunting worldwide for decades. Asif recently posted a YouTube video, "Marco Polo Sheep Hunting in Kyrgyzstan 2023", where Asif uses a "vlog" style format to capture a beautiful hunting journey in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan for Marco Polo Sheep. The clients in the video were Americans Brett Daugherty and his daughter, who were trained at the FTW Ranch in Barksdale, Texas, before their expedition in Kyrgyzstan.

From the start of the video, the host shows some B-roll footage of his airline travel to Kyrgyzstan, then explains the goal of his trip while waiting for a second plane ride further South. Mr. Ilyasov shares his plan to meet with fellow guides and staff at their hunting lodge or "main base," have breakfast and then start their two-day hunt. A range session is held the next day to check rifles and ensure everyone is zeroed. Brett's rifle of choice appears to be a custom Remington 700 mated to an MDT HNT26 Chassis System, which allows him a sturdy but light platform for his hunt. For support, Brett also had an MDT CKYE-Pod bipod system.

Riding horses to hunting spot

The MDT HNT26 Chassis System on Brett’s rifle folded down for easy carry on horseback.

Once hunters have checked zeroes, the parties split up and head into the mountains on horseback. As the group treks up the mountains, they scout large groups of sheep and get Brett on a beautiful specimen. Brett harvests a nice sheep with a perfect 750-yard shot. Overall, the video is stunning and shows what happens when you get solid training, an excellent outfitter, and a skilled marksman.

Hunters on horseback in a valley

Azerbaijan is stunning.


Are you interested in hunting in Central Asia? Contact Asif Ilyasov here. Check out his YouTube Channel for more great content! 


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