ACC Elite Thermal Hunting Rifle - Anthony Amantine - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2023 Aug 24th

ACC Elite Thermal Hunting Rifle - Anthony Amantine - MDT Mention

YouTuber, professional hunter, and industry professional Anthony Amantine is known for creating high-quality night vision and thermal hunting videos, gear breakdowns, rifle reviews, and more on his YouTube channel. His recent video "Yes, another .223 and she's bad!" details a rifle build rundown and some final thoughts on his newest build.

Anthony begins by detailing the heart of his .223 bolt-action precision rifle build, the Impact 737 Action. Connected to the action at 72 ft. lbs. of torque is a Carbon Six carbon fiber-wrapped barrel which was recommended to Anthony by Austin from ETX Outfitting. The barrel was custom-made to Amantine's specifications. Attached to the end of the barrel is a Diligent Entire LYi suppressor. After reviewing the action and barrel of his rifle, the host discusses the MDT ACC Elite chassis system. Anthony previously had a traditional-style hunting stock on this rifle build. Still, it lacked the necessary adjustment options, so he switched to the ACC Elite.

Amantine gives an in-depth overview of the chassis, which is the bulk of the video. He begins by describing how the rear of the chassis uses a padded adjustable cheek riser, dampers, and an adjustable buttpad. Amantine mentions that the ACC Elite is sturdier than other rifle chassis towards the forend but maintains a slew of options for ARCA mounting attachments. The magwell is even tension-adjustable to reduce rattle that may be present with some magazines. Amantine mentions how well the MDT chassis fits the shorter-than-average length barrel (20.5"), a main quality for selecting this chassis. He then describes the adjustable precision pistol grip and its attachment to the chassis and the "bridge" that provides a connection between the pistol grip and the rear of the stock. He then describes the MFT thumb shelf, which is located above the pistol grip, that has been adjusted to fit Anthony's grip. The host has fully adjusted the chassis to fit his frame and shooting style. The host primarily uses a ten-round magazine when shooting this rifle.

After the rifle build overview is an optic review and breakdown. Amantine is currently running an iRay USA RS75 2x optic. The host likes the quality and performance of the optic but mentions he may need to swap it for a more powerful one for situations where he needs 4x magnification to hunt and shoot targets at further distances.

Anthony recently posted a follow-up video sharing his hunting experience with his new rig and discusses hunting with .223 Remington.


Check out Anthony’s YouTube Channel! Click here for more information about the MDT ACC ELITE Chassis System.


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