Bridge the Rifle to Shooter - A Lesson in Prone | MDT Mentions

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 May 7th

Bridge the Rifle to Shooter - A Lesson in Prone | MDT Mentions

Chris Way, from the Snipers Hide YouTube Channel, SHLowlight, gives a concise rundown of his preferred Prone shooting techniques in his video "Bridge the Rifle to Shooter, Precision Rifle in the Prone Lesson."

Chris's rifle setup of choice in this video features a .308-chambered Impact Precision rifle action in an MDT ELITE Chassis system. Mr. Way uses a bipod and support bag to build his prone shooting foundation.

Chris Way, the host, demonstrates the effectiveness of the "bridge" method in prone shooting. This technique, he explains, allows for consistent sight picture and control of the rifle by leveraging the body's movement and a support bag under the chest. He adds that maintaining alignment with the rifle is crucial for positive control in the prone position.

Down range, Mr. Way shows his two-shot group on a steel silhouette placed 500 yards downrange. Both shots landed within a half-inch of each other. The host explains that he lost his sight picture on the target when he did not use a support bag for the first shot. On the second shot, using a support bag, the sight picture was maintained during the rifle's firing, and Chris saw the shot land.

For demonstrative purposes, Chris used a custom Remington 700 rifle with a MDT ACC Elite Chassis System.

A support bag helped the host maintain a clearer sight picture while using his "bridge" method. Still, consistency in accuracy was achieved regardless of the usage of one. If a shooter "connects" to their rifle consistently, accurate shots can be taken in different scenarios.

Chris Way is the owner of Rifle Kraft and the creator of the Rifle Kraft Evaluation System. Check out this awesome video on how to get the most out of MDT's shooting bags!



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