Long Range Beginners: Tips & Tricks - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2023 Oct 17th

Long Range Beginners: Tips & Tricks - MDT Mention

The up-and-coming YouTube Channel "Dirty Civilian" posted a fresh new video titled "Long Range Beginners | Tips and Tricks," in which the host, Josh, and recent DD-214 recipient, US Army Sniper Adrian Leatherman, walk through the basics of precision long-range rifle shooting. This video features an introduction, a warm-up session, some background on Mr. Leatherman, a Questions and Answers portion, and much more.

The introduction of this "Dirty Civilian" video shows Josh and sandal-clad Adrian performing a humorous take on the spotter-sniper relationship as they shoot at a flat range. Post-intro, The host shoots at steel IPSC silhouettes with his MDT ESS chassis-equipped bolt-action rifle topped with a high-power Leupold optic. As Josh takes 300 Yard shots, Adrian provides spotting calls and guidance. An elevation adjustment call is made by Mr. Leatherman, followed by windage adjustment guidance. After adjustments, Josh lands multiple shots on steel targets at the flat range.

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The two shooters take a break to discuss spotting and the fundamentals of marksmanship. The importance of having an experienced spotter backing up their shooter is discussed, and Adrian acknowledges that the better shooter in a two-man rifle team is often utilized as the spotter.

When shooting at long distances, Adrian considers targets within 300 Meters of his position, "CQB" distance. Adrian further elaborates on this notion, saying, "CQB means too close for comfort" to him. With most shooters zeroing small arms at roughly 50 meters, the Army Sniper explains that hostile shooters with minimal training are capable of making hits on a target with non-optic equipped rifles inside 300 Meters.

Following an overview of Adrian's background and basic shooting philosophy, Josh takes to a flat range while Adrian uses a rangefinder to obtain a target distance of 400 Yards. Josh's first elevation call is 250 Yards, where he shoots and observes an above-target point of impact. Josh then holds lower following Adrian's guidance and lands three shots on the IPSC silhouette. Josh then acquires a second IPSC Silhouette target at 480 Yards and takes a shot following Adrian's updated hold guidance. Josh's first shot lands dead-center on the silhouette, and Josh acquires his third target. In a matter of seconds, Adrian provides hold data and a 600-yard distance measurement. Josh misses two shots, then strikes his target three times with 100% success in the three-shot string after further provision of information from his spotter.

Next, shooting positions, optic magnification, and "weak links" are trained upon. Adrian shows the host his preferred standing shooting position and tweaks Josh's optic magnification techniques. With Josh set up and ready to shoot in the standing position, Josh strikes a steel silhouette repeatedly at roughly 600 Yards. Adrian expounds upon his semi-automatic rifle grip techniques and the importance of recoil management then demonstrates a sequence of rapid follow-up shots.

The "Dirty Civilian" video wraps with a military-style Q&A session where Josh asks Mr. Leatherman questions and is provided with quick and to-the-point answers. This video is packed with valuable information and provides viewers with a look into the shooting techniques and procedures followed by some of the world's most efficient long-range combat shooters.


Check out the Dirty Civilan YouTube Channel! They have everything from Dirt Bikes, Homesteading, and even a cool video with Delta Force Legend Kyle Lamb running and gunning in his 90's kit from Mogadishu. 


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