MDT Field Stock - Straight Up Precision Rifle Match - MDT Mention

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Jul 9th

MDT Field Stock - Straight Up Precision Rifle Match - MDT Mention

Impact Shooting, owned by Pieter Malan, creates some great content specific to long-range shooting. Pieter, a former Pro Cyclist, got into the shooting sports in 2017 and spends his time creating photos and videos, teaching precision rifle, hunting, and running the Impact Proshop, which carries high-quality shooting gear and accessories. Pieter recently shot a competitive match using a custom rifle featuring the MDT Field Stock!

The first stage in the competition requires a supported kneeling shooting position while shooting at steel targets from 455 and 540 Meters. Pieter landed all his shots with perfect accuracy. After the first sequence of targets, shooters move to shoot at circular steel targets in a prone position from a distance of 660 and 755 Meters. With misses, while aiming at the shorter targets, Pieter landed all his shots at 755 Meters.

Pieter’s custom rifle. Photo courtesy of Impact Shooting.

With the first stage of the competition complete, Pieter reflects on his performance while taking a break before preparing for the second stage. Not satisfied with his performance, he mentions that trying to fly his FPV drone while shooting was not the best idea.

In the second stage, the first string of shots is taken 320 Meters from two square steel targets in a modified standing position on a ramp barricade. Then, from the same position, Pieter engaged targets at 755 meters. The next stage required the shooters to shoot steel targets from 496 Meters in a supported position from two wooden barrels.

Pieter shot some awesome content!

The final stage of this match presents a unique challenge, requiring competitors to shoot at small targets from varying distances of 190 and 362 Meters. The use of various supported shooting positions, including stacks of old tires, adds a layer of complexity to the competition, testing the competitors' skills and adaptability.

As the video draws to a close, Pieter reflects on his performance. He underscores the mental fortitude required in shooting competitions. He shares a meal with fellow competitors, checks his standings, and ends the day on a high note with a Gold Medal, a testament to his unwavering focus and determination.

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