Midwest Long Range Savage Mark II 22LR Budget Build

Posted by Eric Drake on 2024 Mar 26th

Midwest Long Range Savage Mark II 22LR Budget Build

YouTube Channel' Midwest Long Range' recently upgraded his 22LR long-distance bolt action rifle build. For those new to "Midwest Long Range," the host is a shooter and firearms enthusiast who seeks out budget-friendly rifle builds and provides his findings to his audience. More specifically, in this video, he provides an overview of his rifle, including its parts, scope, and initial accuracy testing.

To start, the host introduces his rifle (a Savage MKII FV SR) and its main parts. The rifle features an MDT Oryx Chassis System, a pistol grip upgrade by MKMachining, and a bipod on the chassis' ARCA rails. An EGW 30 MOA rail was then fitted atop the rifle's action. For the optic, the Arken EP5 5-25x56 optic was selected and mounted on the rail, with a bubble level and sun shield.

Here is Midwest Long Range's original review of the Savage Mark II

With the freshly upgraded Rimfire rifle complete, the host takes to the range and zeros his rifle. After zeroing, 25 shots are taken at a target with 25 individual small bullseyes 100 yards away. As the shooter takes one shot at each target from left to right, down the paper, he gets a feel for the rifle and begins to hone in on the Norma Tac 22 ammunition and the rifle's performance. The 25x Arken optic provides a noticeably better shooting experience than the previously mounted 15x scope.

Wrapping up the video plans for future ammunition testing and longer-distance shooting is discussed. With a vast array of .22 LR ammunition loadings and the inconsistencies of rimfire ammunition, more groups will be shot out of this rifle in 'Midwest Long Range's' pursuit of the best-performing ammo and rifle combination. Be sure to stay tuned to Midwest Long Range's YouTube channel as he updates his budget builds, which provide a more approachable view of long-distance rifle builds compared to videos that cover $10,000+ rifle builds not attainable by most shooters.


For more information about the MDT Oryx Chassis System, click here! Make sure to check out the Midwest Long Range YouTube Channel!


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