Desert Precision Gunworks Rimfire Build  - MDT Mention

Posted by William Maxwell on 2024 Jun 25th

Desert Precision Gunworks Rimfire Build - MDT Mention

In this edition of MDT Mentions, we look at Matt from Womfat's new precision rimfire rifle. What started initially as a simple rebarreling job quickly spiraled into a completely new build. As someone who builds custom rifles, I can relate, especially if you constantly test and evaluate gear.

Previously, Matt utilized a 1:16" twist Shilen barrel, a popular choice for precision rimfire rifles, cut to 25" and chambered using a JGS custom .22 LR reamer. This time, he opted for a 1:14" twist Douglas blank, a deviation from the norm, with chamber and length. Desert Precision Gunworks, a renowned name in the industry, expertly executed all the intricate work. The barrel is securely fastened to a Vudoo Gunworks V22 action, a testament to its reliability, with aTriggerTech Diamond. This trigger system has set the standard for precision rimfire actions and triggers.

For a chassis system, Matt decided to go with the MDT ACC Elite, the best in the business. For Cerakote, Spec Ops Coatings out of Ontario did a very nice custom pattern. On his handguard, Matt mounted 3 MDT Control Bridges for weight and style points. Respect! As they say, the seventh principle of patrolling is "Always look cool." Right in front of the magazine well is an arca-mounted Grey Ops bag stop. Rimfire magazines can be quite finicky, causing failure-to-feeds when pressure is applied to the magazine.

The Sport Count Timer mounted to the thumb rest M-lok slot on the left side of the chassis was the most intriguing accessory on this setup. It can be manipulated with your thumb while your hand is in a "firing" position, which is convenient and much more handy than shouting "time!" to the RO mid-stage. Other accessories include a spare round holder, which holds an emergency extraction tool,+3 round mag extensions, and a slim cheek piece, both made by No Sponsor. For a level, Matt chose the MDT Send-It Level.

For glass, Matt chose a Gen III Vortex Razor 6-36x with Ballistic Turret Tape from Indoor Dry Fire Training Systems. It's a very handy addition if you dial firing data. You can mark the turrets with wet-erase markers instead of keeping a data card on your wrist or mounted elsewhere. It can also be used as a backup for redundancy. For a scope mount, Matt used a Grey Ops One Piece Mount with a bubble level (used as backup) and a surfboard mount up front for a red dot.

The rifle is rounded off with an MDT Ckye Pod that was recently completely rebuilt using the MDT Ckye Pod parts replacement kits. When shooting in inclement weather and with hard use, springs and pins will get worn out, so it's a good idea to have spare parts handy.

This rifle is purpose-built with competition in mind. That being said, it is going to be a research machine and a great testing platform for Matt. It's his opinion that if you're building a rifle for PRS Rimfire or something similar, go with the 16-twist barrel. They tend to be more forgiving of ammunition, lot-to-lot. As stated in the video, this is more of an overview, but he will do a deep dive into 14-twist barrels vs. 16-twist barrels. Lastly, this build is a mirror image of his centerfire rifle. All the fundamentals translate each way. Overall, this is a no-expenses-spared build, matching the quality of rifle to be expected by Matt. Well done. Make sure to check out the Womfat YouTube Channel!



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