Team MDT South Africa | Idaho | Virginia - MDT Field Report

Posted by Thomas Gomez on 2024 Mar 27th

Team MDT South Africa | Idaho | Virginia - MDT Field Report

Team MDT has had a stellar few weeks with notable wins and placements in both the PRS and NRL. Starting out with the VPRC Rifleman's Revival, Francis Colon took 1st, Patrick Youngs 5th, Chad Heckler 6th and Keith Baker 9th. The VPRC Rifleman's Revival was a PRS match held in Rocky Mount, VA, at the Virginia Precision Rifle Club.

Next up is Team MDT Shooter Daniel Bertocchini, who took 4th at the Snake River Standoff match, a PRS match held in Mountain Home, Idaho. Congratulations Daniel!

Mike Lilly in South Africa.

Down in South Africa, Team MDT Shooter Mike Lilly competed in the NRL Hatchet Hunter Match at Red Sands Safaris. Mike took 2nd place, then took his match rifle and did some hunting! Congratulations Mike!

While in South Africa, Mike did some hunting with his competition rifle. Pictured is a Sable Antelope.

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