Howa 1500 Carbon Creedmoor Build -  Inside MDT

Posted by Eric Drake on 2023 Oct 24th

Howa 1500 Carbon Creedmoor Build - Inside MDT

Pieter, host of the YouTube Channel IMPACT SHOOTING, posted a video reviewing his newest rifle build. In this video—the first of a six-video series on the rifle—Pieter discusses his reasoning for choosing the different pieces while assembling the rifle.

The foundation of the rifle is a HOWA 1500 barreled action chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. What’s unique is this barrel is wrapped in carbon fiber. For many people, the cost of a custom hunting rig with such a barrel is outside the realm of possibility. Peter, instead, showcases an alternative that is more manageable for the average hunter or shooter. Peter goes on to explain that the designated purpose of the HOWA build is to create an affordable multipurpose rifle that can take the large game animals found in South Africa. After discussing the purpose of this rifle, Pieter moves on to discussions regarding his choice of the MDT XRS Chassis System. The host says he loves how his XRS-equipped rifles shoot, as he already has a handful of rifles outfitted with the chassis. For him, learning how to shoot this new rifle will take less time than usual. The MDT XRS chassis featured in the video is equipped with an ARCA rail on the bottom of the rifle’s forend to provide attachment options. As normal, all sizing customizations are made to fit our host’s preferences.

MDT Chassis

The MDT XRS Chassis System is an incredibly versatile chassis system.

While installing parts, Pieter lists other components such as an optics rail, Vortex’s Pro Series 34mm rings, and a 3-18x44 Vortex Strike Eagle optic. He then discusses the importance of the barrel’s 5/8x24-threaded muzzle and tests its compatibility with a WarBird suppressor, which fits onto the muzzle with no issues. Next, this video provides some of the host’s insight into how he increases the quality and operating feel of his Howa actions, which he says can be a bit rougher and lack the “feel” that some of his higher-priced actions have, but of course, this is more common in budget-oriented rifles. The second part of this video series will provide comprehensive video footage regarding this topic.


Wrapping up the video, Pieter discusses his preferred all-purpose 6.5 Creedmoor loads. The 140-grain Berger Elite Hunter bullet is pushed at around 2820fps and has maintained half MOA accuracy with Lapua small rifle primer cases, N550 powder, and Federal Gold Medal primers.

The next video of this series will be packed with assembly tips, tricks, and footage. Tune in to this six-part video series to view one of the most comprehensive rifle overviews available on YouTube. Now, we must wait for the rest of this series to be released!



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