Posted by Eric Drake on 2023 Sep 19th


The YouTube Channel “West Desert Shooter” posted a video with a title too good not to watch, “3,000 Yard Rifle Setup! Tikka 7mm SAUM ELR Rifle”. In the first of the two videos, the host of the YouTube Channel, Logan, provides specifications and details regarding his 3,000-yard rifle build. Next, the channel posted “3,000 YARDS! 7mm SAUM Tikka 1.7 Mile Flight!” in which he demonstrated some excellent long-distance accuracy with the rifle featured previously.

Starting the first video, Logan opens with an introduction and jumps into his 3,000-yard rifle’s build specs—a Tikka T3X that started its life as a 243 Winchester. This action was inlet to the magnum bolt face, and a bolt stop was added to convert it to accept long-action calibers. This rifle is chambered in a 7mm Short-Action ultra mag, which Logan reloads with a longer-than-normal bullet. The chamber was cut to fit this unique loading, which consists of a Sierra 183 Matchking hollow point boat tail, Atlas Development Group brass, Federal Magnum Match primers, and an undisclosed amount of H1000 powder.

MDT Chassis West Desert Shooter

For his ELR project, Logan used an MDT ESS Chassis System.

Following the introduction of this rifle’s action, the host mentions the Preferred Barrels Tikka T3 900 varmint 26” barrel. Mounted to the muzzle by way of a QD mount is an OSS Magnum Tie suppressor. An Anarchy Outdoors 30 MOA scope base tops the Tikka action. This scope base supports an Ivey 30mm scope base, allowing extreme long-distance shooting without maxing out the elevation settings on this rifle’s 4-20 TRACT optic. The heart of the rifle is mounted to an MDT ESS Chassis System with an 18” forend and MDT ARCA rail attached on the underside of the rifle’s forend. Attached to the ARCA rail is the MDT CKYE-POD, which Logan uses on multiple different rifle setups. The second video in this series demonstrates the long-distance accuracy of Logan’s custom rifle build.

Opening the second video, Logan shoots a five-round group at 3,005 Yards after making some elevation changes. The first two shots land low, and after an elevation adjustment, Logan is shooting closer to his target, missing his last shots just shy of the bottom of his target. After further elevation tuning, Logan continues shooting and gives himself ten more shots at 3000 yards. Once the shooting is complete, Logan and his cameraman head to the half-MOA silhouette target and confirm the target was struck on its left side.


Check out the West Desert Shooter YouTube Channel for more great content! Information about the MDT ESS Chassis System can be found here.


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