Faxon FX7 Pershing Bolt Action Rifle - MDT Mention

Posted by Cory Ross on 2023 Nov 14th

Faxon FX7 Pershing Bolt Action Rifle - MDT Mention

It’s not every day that a manufacturer enters the bolt rifle realm, let alone introduce new ideas. But with the debut of their FX7 Pershing precision rifle, Faxon Firearms of Cincinnati, Ohio, has done just that. The FX7 is a new take on a mature design.

Recent trends in the bolt-action world have gone to 3-lug, short-throw designs. However, they have their downfalls, which include robustness and mechanical efficiency. Adding a second row of three lugs cements the FX7 action as “rock-solid” while creating an efficient and short bolt-action throw. (As an aside, most two-lug bolts have a 90° bolt throw but require a lighter cocking force. Conversely, three-lug bolts generally have a short 60° throw but require more force to operate. Adding a second row of locking lugs blends the benefits of both conventions). The FX7 also includes an integral 20-MOA scope base, integral recoil lug, acceptance of AICS and AW magazines, Flame Fluting on the bolt body—which is made of 4340 carbon steel—and ArmorLube™ DLC coating on the action body itself. Furthermore, the bolt uses an M16-style extractor and plunger ejector, ensuring positive feeding. And, of course, Faxon made the FX7 compatible with 700 pattern stocks/chassis and triggers. However, the complete rifle from Faxon comes with a TriggerTech Rem 700 Primary Trigger.

While the action forms the heart, the barrel is the backbone. For Faxon, barrel making has been a key part of their portfolio and a mainstay of their success. On the FX7, Faxon uses premium 416-R Stainless Steel that’s been honed, lapped, and button rifled. Additionally, Faxon went with 5-R rifling to reduce bullet deformation. The barrel comes in a variety of contours depending on caliber and configuration, but all barrels are given a Nitride Salt Bath to ensure longevity.

For the stock, Faxon partnered with MDT on a chassis. The chassis is custom for Faxon and has elements of the LSS-XL Gen 2 and ACC with m-Lok slots on three sides and an ARCA rail on the bottom. The grip is MDT’s Vertical Grip Premier, while the stock is the MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock (which uses toolless adjustments).

The FX7 is a feature-packed rifle catered toward the precision rifle shooter. It is exciting to see more and more manufacturers enter the precision rifle landscape. Faxon also offers the FX7 Barreled Action and Action for purchase if you want to build your own custom rifle. Competition drives ingenuity, and Faxon is bringing something refreshing to the market. For more information about the rifle and its configurations, follow here.



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